Attracting Wild Rabbits, the Rabbit Hole, Hutch

Hi Everyone!

Our whole family enjoys watching wildlife, and it is hard to beat where we live.

At 9000 ft altitude in the Colorado Rockies you get:

– Moose, Elk, Deer (where we are at, mostly moose)

– Black, Brown, and even Grizzly Bear

– Mountain Lion, Bobcat

– Coyote, Fox (supposedly Wolf, have not seen that yet)

– Rabbits, Squirrels, Chipmunks etc…

– Birds galore, Eagles, Hawks, jays, Owls etc.

So, I guess this list is in order of what we get most excited about!  The thing that is cool is we see it ALL!

Obviously the rodents and birds are more common to see (at least some of them). Jill loves the birds! I like the rabbits and chipmunks.

Anyhow, I decided to make a little haven for the rabbits here, the rabbit hole! Their population seems to be dwindling, so I’m here to help!

This is new to me but it seems pretty obvious.  If anyone out there has advice, please comment.





It may seem at times like you have ‘done it all’ but there are many new crafts and lost skills out there for all of us! This is my mission!

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Live and Learn, Learn and Thrive!



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