Easy Room Darkening Window Coverings

Hi Everyone!

In our house we have several windows which get almost annoying during certain times of the day because of the amount of sunlight they let in.

The biggest culprits are the ‘outside’ doors with built in windows.  Traditional curtains are not really an option because where would you install them?

Well here is […]

Handmade Ukulele (not ukelele, don’t feel bad, same prob here at first!)

Hi Everyone!

Well, I finally put all of my pictures together from my trip to Honolulu where I learned the craft of making a fine handmade ukulele.

This was the trip of my life!  The class kept me very busy.  Two weeks of fairly intense work, but what a learning experience.

Check it out!

The […]

First post and my inspiration..

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and really the inspiration for me to start this site.

This is a compilation of pictures showing me building a simple plywood canoe, believe me if I can do it you can too! The plans were free, see the links below to get to them and build your […]