Light a Hard to Reach Candle Wick, Sneaky Trick!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick video to show you a handy way to light a hard to reach candle wick when you don’t have a long match, aim-n-flame etc…

Enjoy! And please share and comment! In fact this works so well I have not purchased a long reach lighter in quite some time.

In the […]

Helping a Community I Believe in!

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing a video created by a community called The Survival Podcast.

I have been an avid listener of this podcast for over a year now and I thought this was neat and important to share..


Now that you have heard the positive message, you may be wondering what […]

Junk Coin Identification, ‘Junk’ Silver and ‘Junk’ Copper

Hi Everyone,

** Pre-note, 1964 and earlier half-dollars, quarters, and dimes are 90% silver (I screwed up in the video and said 95%), sorry for the mistake.

Anyhow this post is about USA ‘Junk’ coins, so,,,,, What is a ‘Junk Coin’:

Junk is an informal term used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and […]

Save a Water Logged Electronic Device

Hi Everyone!

Plop! Brand new electronic device; cell phone, mp3 player, e-reader, portable gaming system, whatever, goes in a puddle (or toilet). 🙁

I have had this happen to me a few times in the past and tried my best to dismantle the device, dry it out, wait patiently, then FAIL!  The issue is that […]

Rental Car Insurance – I know a weird post

Hi Everyone!

I am adding a new category to called ‘Lessons Learned’.  I think it meets the spirit of what I’m trying to relay here:

Information to save money, to save time, to save ‘face’, or perhaps save your life.

This particular post will be far different from the rest I have so far […]