Dehydrate Strawberries (Oven Method)

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Sorry, been a little slow on posts lately, but trust me,  not short on creating content! I just need to get it edited and uploaded for all of you to enjoy!

I made the following video because it seems like I see containers of strawberries in the ‘bargain bin’ a lot here in Colorado. They are just barely past their prime with maybe a few towards the bottom starting to look a little ugly. This is one thing you can do with them!

Enjoy the video!

A few more ponters!

– Keep the oven is a great way to dehydrate! Just keep a close eye on your product as heat is always involved.

– Store your result in an air tight container for best long term results. Oxygen absorbers are cheap and a good idea also.

– I made a similar video earlier, check that out also…  How to dehydrate using your oven (veggies)!

– Other interesting related posts: How to microwave corn on the cob, How long to microwave corn on the cob in husk. Other prepping for dehydration.

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