Did Your Freezer Thaw While You Were Gone? How To Tell!

Hi Everyone!

Have your ever gone away for a few days and come back to discover your power had gone out? It’s back on now, but there are tell-tale signs like blinking clocks, thermostats running the wrong program, light timers completely wrong etc..

Then your mind starts creeping and you think,, how long was it out? I mean, it’s back on now, but do I need to worry about the food in my fridge/freezer?

Here is a great little trick to help you with that question!

I hope this helps folks out there! As always, if you enjoyed this post please share with others!


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3 comments to Did Your Freezer Thaw While You Were Gone? How To Tell!

  • Tony

    Also saw a tip about putting a penny on top of an ice cube in the tray. The penny will sink if the power has been out too long.

    • Tony,

      Sorry it has taken me a while to write back,,, be hectic for a few months there. I love this idea. Would you mind if I steal it and make a vid? I’ll give you all the credit!


  • Tony

    Hi Willie–
    Yes feel free to use this tip, but it is not my original idea. I saw it somewhere else and passed it along to you! Tony

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