Emergency Heating Options, Backup is Good!

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Today I am showing you two different methods/sources of backup heat we use in our house.  From my prepping side, this one is important to me because it can get brutally cold here, and that is typically when we lose power (heavy winds, heavy snow).

Check it out:

As I mention in the video there are advantages and drawbacks to each. The kerosene heater puts out a lot more heat and is much cheaper to run per BTU.  However, they tend to be more bulky, messsy, and stinky.  Also, make sure you have CO detection, and always crack a window (with either type really).

The propane heaters are safer from a carbon monoxide standpoint (most have sensors built in which automatically shut them off at near dangerous levels), they are more portable, and the fuel is available almost anywhere.  Kerosene is getting pretty hard to find where I live, but not nearly impossible.

They both win in my book, but for different reasons.  When looking for emergency heating options,  I like the kerosene heaters because the two that I have can (and do) keep my entire house cozy when the power is out (I’ve had the opportunity to test this a few times).  I like the propane heater because of its portability and ease of use.  This type of heater is a favorite on hunting trips.  2 am, gotta use the outhouse, not quite awake, you get my drift!

That is why I have both. But me, personally, if I could only get one type it would be the kerosene.

Here are links to:

Kerosene heater –> Kero World kerosene heater

Catalytic propane heater –> Mr. Heater “Big Buddy”

CO detector (get these even if you don’t use this type of heater, they can save your life!) –> CO Detector

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