Flashlights! My two favorites.

Hi Everyone!

Here I am doing a semi review of my two favorite flashlights.

I love flashlights, it is almost a fetish for me. I was a boy scout growing up and it was a big deal to compare and determine who had the coolest flashlight with my buddies every camping trip. Everyone has their thing I suppose :).

If I were to bring either of these two out back then,, well, it would be like bringing a machine gun to a civil war battle! The technology has come so far it is unbelievable, and I think a lot of people may not be aware of what is available these days.

Check it out:

I did not do to much video on the energizer during the snow storm, it is just a different light. However, it is by far the best, affordable carry light I have come across.

If you want one click here –> Energizer 1W LED Flashlight

As for the big gun, I hope the demo makes it clear that technology has come a long way. The HID is one of those things where I wonder how I ever got along without it.

If you want one, get it from Greg McGee Engineering –> HID Super Lights 


I mentioned this during the video but the another great thing is the rechargability. I can use my solar back-up system to ensure I have light whenever I need it, easily.

I really enjoyed making this post, if you have any questions please ask!





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