How to Pressure Can Green Beans!

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Another video on how to store food for long term! I hope you enjoyed the last post on making your own apple spice cake in a jar!

In this one I show you how to pressure can green beans in mason jars. Every veggie is a little different on the canning requirements so make sure you have a good reference to go by! I have included a link to my favorite book in the ‘resources’ section below.

It is almost time to make a giant batch of chili and can some of that so stay tuned! Canning is a fun skill, a great way to store food long term,  and it really does not take long to learn. Follow safe guidelines and it is really pretty hard to go wrong.

Canning green beans, Enjoy!:


My favorite resource on canning, this book is awesome! Stocking Up III

Canning tools, if you don’t have these get them, they are inexpensive and worth every penny! Canning tools

If you don’t have a pressure canner, this is the one I have, I love it. Pressure Canner

Check out my previous posts on ‘How to store food long term’


I welcome your comments and experiences! Please share!




It may seem at times like you have ‘done it all’ but there are many new crafts and lost skills out there for all of us! This is my mission!

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