Paracord Keychain Fob, Cobra Stitch

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you a fun thing to do, how to cobra weave (cobra stitch) a paracord keychain fob!

I am a big fan of paracord and believe everyone should have some. This is a great way to use up the left-overs you might have laying around from larger projects and ensure friends and family always have a little ‘cordage’ on them.

One of the most popular projects out there is making bracelets out of this stuff. There are a TON of videos on this out there, so I decided to do something a little more unique.

Check out this guys youtube channel if you want to dive deeply into this craft. His videos are great, almost mesmerizing.

If you want to try this and need some paracord you can get it here –> Paracord

Thanks for watching, and as always feel free to ask me any questions you may have!





It may seem at times like you have ‘done it all’ but there are many new crafts and lost skills out there for all of us! This is my mission!

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Live and Learn, Learn and Thrive!

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