Marshmallow Gun, Assault Style!

Hi Everyone!

I thought this would be a fun episode! Came across one of these at work the other days and it brought back tons of memories! If you have never had your own marshmallow gun , well, you have not quite lived yet!

Here is how to make one!


Parts List (for this exact one, get a few extra feet of PVC tube for future modifications!)

4 feet — 1/2″ PVC

2 x 1/2″ PVC “T” fittings

2 x 1/2″ PVC end caps

1 x 1/2″ PVC 90 degree fitting

1 x 1/2″ PVC 45 degree fitting

Bag (maybe 2) of mini-marshmallows!


Look for a nifty button at the bottom of this post which makes it very easy to print this list, or any of my posts!

This is a pretty amazing thing! With a good breath (hopefully you can see my shot in the vid) I can get about 50 feet! If your standing close it can actually sting!

In any case the chipmunks around here should be happy for a while!

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And hey, what do you think of my new video intro? Let me know!




4 comments to Marshmallow Gun, Assault Style!

  • Mom

    I enjoyed this. Lots of fun.

  • James

    I could not get the video to finish so I went to the end with my mouse to see what the final outcome would be and I made one off of the small picture. On the parts list you forgot to add the length’s of the pieces needed for the body. As soon as you stated what the sizes were and showed the connection of the 9″ PVC, the “T”, the 4″ PVC,then the video ended. I got to see the picture at the end so I am able to make one when I get the PVC. This will make a great jigsaw puzzle

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