Emergency Heating Options, Backup is Good!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am showing you two different methods/sources of backup heat we use in our house.  From my prepping side, this one is important to me because it can get brutally cold here, and that is typically when we lose power (heavy winds, heavy snow).

Check it out:

As I mention in […]

Handmade Ukulele (not ukelele, don’t feel bad, same prob here at first!)

Hi Everyone!

Well, I finally put all of my pictures together from my trip to Honolulu where I learned the craft of making a fine handmade ukulele.

This was the trip of my life!  The class kept me very busy.  Two weeks of fairly intense work, but what a learning experience.

Check it out!

The […]

Home Made Solar Cooker

Hi Everyone!

Well it’s a chilly and windy day, but the sun is out so I’m showing you my solar cooker.  I made this several months ago and LOVE it.  We have made several meals and even baked bread in it!

Check it out,

What a great way to cook. The total materials cost was ~$25 and […]

Rice Heat Sock With A Twist

Hi everyone!

This video was really fun to make.  It is a very simple way to make a ‘warmer’ for just about any purpose. These things are far better than a hot water bottle in my book. They are cheaper, the heat lasts longer, and if it leaks you don’t have a wet mess.

Also […]

Rental Car Insurance – I know a weird post

Hi Everyone!

I am adding a new category to NewAndLostCrafts.com called ‘Lessons Learned’.  I think it meets the spirit of what I’m trying to relay here:

Information to save money, to save time, to save ‘face’, or perhaps save your life.

This particular post will be far different from the rest I have so far […]

Solar Backup System

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you a short video of my solar backup system.  I got interested in this concept because it was a way to dabble with solar energy that I could afford.

The system is small but useful.  I have already used it in a few power outages and was able […]

Another Method for Making a Newspaper Log

Hi Everyone!

A week or so ago I posted the video and comment on making a newspaper log using a press.  The video has been very popular.  Thanks for the support.

Anyhow, I mentioned I would show you another way to go about this, and here it is.  Watch:

These things burn great – I […]

Prepare Dried Beans FAST

Hey Everyone,

I have become a huge fan of having a decent amount of food storage. With that comes the responsibility of knowing what the heck to do with that food if you ever really need it.

That’s why I’m excited about sharing this with you.  I love beans in general, but to be honest […]

Tuna Can Heater (AKA Buddy Heater)

Hi Everyone!

In this video I am showing you how to make a small heater/firestarter out of a tuna can, some cardboard, and some wax.

I purchased a candle making kit from Candle Creations. These things are kinda hard to find anymore but if this video gets you fired up to get one click here […]

Solar Window Heaters

Here is a tour of my tinkering with solar window heaters. I have been messing around with these for a few months and am really very pleased with version #3.

There is a lot of speculation about how maybe these things don’t really do anything because they ‘block’ the sun from coming into the […]