Use Newspaper to Clean Windows!

Hi Everyone!

This is a neat money saving trick! I had actually forgotten about this myself for years.

At a point in my youth, I was riding around some city with my mom (I think it was San Antonio, TX) when we pulled up to a busy intersection and this guy almost jumped on our hood and started cleaning the windshield glass! It was interesting to me that he was using newspaper to clean the glass instead of a cloth or paper towel and it was working very well! Anyhow, after a few dollars exchanged we were on our way.

After a while, I asked my mom about this and she said using newspaper to clean glass works great! When she was younger that is how they always did it!

Here is my short demo:

As it turns out, the newspaper is actually very lightly abrasive and therefore cleans windows extremely well. You can use regular window cleaning solution (the blue stuff) of even make your own with a mixture of water and vinegar..

Free newspaper is everywhere, look for weekly publications and stock up! It can be used for an amazing number of things (see resources section below).

How to make your own window cleaning solution (coming soon)

How to make newspaper fire logs

Make early season seedling pots (coming soon)

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