About me

A little spot for me to just share things that make me smile!

First and foremost my family!

An incredible fall day in the backyard.

We have, after a long time of struggles, found what we really wanted in a place to live. It may change but life is pretty sweet right now!


A Little bit more about me:

I am a Colorado native and proud of it. I have had the opportunity to visit a LOT of different places both the states and internationally. I have not yet found another place I would rather be.

Colorado has changed a lot over my life time, but I have always managed to find a new cool place to get away from what bothers me.

I am:

– A  Boy Scout at heart! I even made it to eagle scout! This is something I still proudly keep on my resume. Heck, it still sparks a lot of conversation during interviews.

– A chemical engineer by education, a process engineer by profession, a quality systems expert  (ISO 9001)  by experience, and a yearning Access and MSSQL database (know enough to be terribly dangerous) person.

– A proud husband and father

I plan to add more to this page as time goes on, but for now I just wanted to tell everyone the basics about me. If you are interested in more please ask!

Thanks for visiting!