Cook A Steak Like a Pro!

Hi Everyone!

Look yummy?


In this video I am showing you how to cook/grill a steak like a professional!

This is a great technique if you don’t have a grill or just don’t want to get the grill out!

If you pay attention in your favorite steak house, this is how they do it.

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‘Searing’ cast iron like I have (seems you cannot get a round on anymore, does not matter) — Grill Skillet

The awesome “Ove’ Glove”! This link brings you to a two pack,,,, trust me that’s what you want! — Ove’ Glove

Pressure cook a steak (previous post from me, good method but not as good). — How to pressure cook a steak

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It may seem at times like you have ‘done it all’ but there are many new crafts and lost skills out there for all of us! This is my mission!

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