Make Your Own Instant Soup Mix (Cream of Chicken Shown Here)

Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick video on how to make your own instant cream of chicken soup mix!

I have always been a fan of these types of mixes for everything from cooking to a yummy sippin’ drink on cold days (watch your sodium intake though!)

I recently purchased some packages from the supermarket and was quite surprised at how expensive they were! So here is my attempt to recreate the cream of chicken style mix. Try it out and let me know how you like it! If you make modifications or have your own recipe please share in comments below!

Here is the recipe as shown if you would like to print it out:

NewAndLostCrafts Instant Cream of Chicken Soup Mix:

Makes enough mix to replace a store-bought packet or for a standard coffee cup (about 6-8 fl oz.)

 1 tsp chicken bouillon

1 tsp Non-dairy Instant creamer

1 tsp Instant mashed potatoes

Dash of Oregano or Parsley

 Add ingredients to recipe as directed or for a warm drink add to hot water, stir and enjoy!


I hope you enjoy this! Cheers!




It may seem at times like you have ‘done it all’ but there are many new crafts and lost skills out there for all of us! This is my mission!

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