Cotton Ball and Petroleum Jelly Fire Starters

Hi Everyone!

My previous post on How to Use a Oil Lamp got me to thinking about these, enjoy.

Today I am showing you how to make a very effective and cheap fire starter from regular cotton balls and petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

These are as simple as it gets and work better than just about anything […]

How to Use an Oil Lamp

Hi Everyone!

In this post I show you the basics on how to use a oil lamp (including some pointers on trimming the wicks).

Oil lamps were once used widely as the primary source of light in most households. ¬†Since the advent of electricity they have fallen into the category of relics, or, at best, […]

Flashlights! My two favorites.

Hi Everyone!

Here I am doing a semi review of my two favorite flashlights.

I love flashlights, it is almost a fetish for me. I was a boy scout growing up and it was a big deal to compare and determine who had the coolest flashlight with my buddies every camping trip. Everyone has their […]