How to Make a Fire using a Firesteel

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In this video I show you how to easily start a fire using a firesteel.  I posted a video a few days ago on how to make a simple but very effective firestarter out of cotton balls and petroleum jelly, and that is what I use here.

The firesteel I use in the vid is from a company called GobSpark.  I love it!  I’ll drop a link below if your interested in having your own.

Check it out:

How to make the tinder –> Cotton Ball and Petroleum Jelly Fire Starter

Gobspark Firesteel details:

1. A BIGGER FireSteel than comparable products – it is much thicker and it is longer. 3/8ths inch in diameter by 3-inches long
2. The firesteel is a genuine FireSteel with a special formula that gives far greater sparks than any others you may have used.
3. A BETTER innoviative handle for easy use with or without gloved hands.
4. super scraper made of extrememly hard high carbon steel – optimized to produce the biggest sparks on your FireSteel.
5. A lanyard made from 26-inches of 7-strand parachute cord.

Get your own –> GobSpark  Firesteel

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